8 day tour in Iceland

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If you wish to stay 8 days, you may plan a complete tour of the Island following Route #1 and reserve hotels in the main places you want to visit.

If you start the tour from Reykjavik, you may stop for the night in the Saudakrokur area, at the Myvatn lake, and then Egilsstadir, Hofn and Vik. We suggest to go Northward, through nice cultivated fields, stopping by the Hraunfossar and the Barnarfossar falls.

This is the longest and less characteristic part of the trip, and may be if you run it at the beginning it’s less tiresome.

On the second day, you may take Road # 1 eastwards and visit Glambaer, the old peat farm; Akureyri; Myvatn lake. From here, it is easy to reach Husavik, from where the whale watching tours start, otherwise you may stop nearby the Krafla volcan, visit the craters, the solfatara of Namaskard and Dimmuborgir, and may be even relax in the Blue Lagoon in the North.

It could be an alternative to visit the Jökulsargljufur National Park, that is a bit Northern (in the so-called Diamond – Circle).

In the area between Egilsstadir and Höfn there’s plenty of fiords. It may turn out very interesting the visit to the house- museum of Petra Sveinsdottir, a stone collector. From Höfn the path at the feet of the Vatnajokull glacier starts. At first you’ll meet the glacial lagoon, afterwards the Skaftafell national park, at the feet of the glacier itself. By Vik it’s worthwhile to pay a visit to the wonderful black beach called Reynishverfi, with the rocky arch of Dyrholaey on the background.

The trip from Vik to Rejkyavik must absolutely foresee a stop by the falls Skogafoss and Seljalandfoss, and at least a flying visit to the Golden Circle: the Þingvellir park, the Gullfoss cascade, the Geyser area.

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