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It was built between 1883 and 1886 in Hegranes, in the Skagafjörður region. It is the perfect representation of the architecture of the Eighteenth century.

The original project foresaw the creation of a school for girls, but it was never realized. Although this, the couple that built it believed in the value of education and for decades they organized classes for boys and girls in this house, contributing to the advancing of knowledge and, as a consequence, also to the improvement of the agricultural techniques of the whole area.

They contributed to the spreading of technologies coming from other areas/ countries, sometimes adapted to local needs, and they supported the invention of new ones. The lady of the house invented and made the first Icelandic formal dress, still used today; she founded the first female organization of the country and directed one of the first school for women.

The house was abandoned in 1977, after hosting four generations of the same family, and it was then brought to Glaumbær in 1991.

Nowadays the building hosts a cafeteria and a collection of old objects and tools.

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