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Egilsstaðir is a cute village standing on a lake, which has of course a curious legend!

The story tells that Huggy lived near the lake; he owned many servants, but even more horses. Among these animals, he had his favourite, the fastest and the most beautiful one, and nobody was allowed to ride it besides Huggy.

One night Egill, one of the servants, was warned that his daughter was in danger. On the spur of the moment, Egill rode the favourite horse of the master and quickly reached the girl to help her. Huggy came to know this fact and decided to put to death the servant. Egill asked a wizard to help him, but the magician said that he could not avoid him from dying, but could instead have his spirit remain on the Earth. So it happened that Egill was executed, but the legend says that his spirit still survives imprisoned in the depth of the Egilsstaðir lake, he looks like a monster that once in a while shows himself around.

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