Fire and ice: the terrific beauty of Iceland

Posted on April 19, 2010 by

After a few minor signs of activity at the end of March, on April 14th 2010, early in the morning, the volcano Katla waked up again. It’s located beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, in the South West of Iceland: it interrupted its long sleep – that dated back to 1823, and started erupting making Northern Europe take extraordinary precautions.

In the area earthquakes and flood took place, that made the Government of Iceland evacuate about a thousand people.

The volcanic shift, about 800mt long, shows an amazing and at the same time tremendous picture: fire tongues come out of the crack in the earth rising above the Eyjafjallajokull snow- clad expanse.

The situation is under control and although the great fear, no big damage occurred at the end. Route 1 – that has been touched by the flood, has been broken in three different points to allow the water to flow away and to save the Markarfljots bridge; anyway the researchers believe that the peak has been reached already.
People are more worried about the cloud of ashes that the crater is spouting out, which is composed by toxic gases. The Icelandic authorities recommended the Icelanders to use gas-masks and strongly recommend to stay inside.

All flights in the North Europe and the connection sto the United States have been cancelled. The ashes prevent visibility and may damage the engines. The chaos in the air traffic might last a few days and many tourists already literally assaulted the trains connecting UK to France.
Another Volcano is worrying the geologists: the Hekla, located in the South of the island as well. Its last eruption occurred about 10 years ago and was much stronger. Its re- wake is expected soon.

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