Have Lunch with Stina while going around the Eastern fjords

Posted on November 16, 2009 by

If you’re visiting the area of the Eastern fjords, we suggest you to have lunch at Stina, by the hotel Bláfell in Breiðdalsvík. The village stands between the sea and the rhyolite mountains.  

Although very small, the hotel is very nice, it offers to its guests a sauna, a Jacuzzi bathtub, a riding school, and there are also many kind of trekking paths. But the most peculiar attraction among all is the extraordinary cooking of Stina, the owner. If you’re lucky, Stina will welcome you, and after a very good lunch made of fish- of course only catch of the day!- lamb meat, skir and different kind of sweets, you’ll also receive a small glass of Brennevin.

But do not leave right after lunch: a few feet by the entrance of the restaurant there’s the Breiðdalsvík magical rock. It’s a huge block of rock that unaccountably gets on magnetic charge.

The Icelanders consider this a magic rock, beneficial to their health.

Don’t you believe so? Try to bring your hands close to the rock, a few inches away from its surface: you’ll feel the heat coming from it!


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