Hints on clothes

Posted on July 24, 2010 by

If you consider the environment characteristics of Iceland, clothes must first of all meet the following requirements: comfort and flexibility.

In the first case, we suggest sport clothes that make movements easier. Flexibility instead is important to adapt to the sudden weather changes, that require to dress or undress quickly.

T-shirt and short pants are just perfect for sunny summer days, but  if the wind starts blowing and clouds cast a shadow in the sky, it’s better to have something ready to wear, as a warm sweater –best would be if this jumper has a hood to protect your head, long trousers, wind stop jacket.

If the weather worsens, even if it’s summer clothes must keep you very warm. The mountain garments are the best solution, as the can protect you from cold and wind but at the same time allow your skin to breath, they’re also light and fit in any corner of your bag when you don’t need them.

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