Horses in Iceland

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icelandic horse

icelandic horse

The Icelandic horses (Equus scandinavus) are strong, quite short, with quite a long and thick mane. As other Mongolian breeds, they have different gaits: fet, in step, brokk, trot, stökk, gallop, skeið, amble, tölt, light run- so steady that the jockey doesn’t almost perceive it.

The horses were imported from Norway and as they were the only race on the island they maintained, throughout the centuries, their purity.

They’re docile and have a very strong build, very suitable to the harsh Icelandic climate and to hard work. Nowadays many European magazines wrongly define the Icelandic horses as “pony”, but the Icelanders are rightly proud of this race and they consider the definition of “pony” as an offense.

In Skagafjörður, an area on the North of the Island, there’s the bi- annual Landsmót Fair, a national exhibition for horses, that the Icelanders care a lot to attend. You can search for more information on

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