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Húsavík was founded by a Swedish Viking, Garðar Svavarsson, known as Flok the Grey. He arrived in front of the Icelandic coasts around 870a.C; he circumnavigated this land, at that time known as Snæland (Land of Snow), and realized that it was indeed an island. He spent the winter in the area of Husavík and in Spring he went back to his country, leaving on the island one of his men- Náhfari, with a few slaves. Before sailing off, he took care of naming the island Garðarshólmur (Garðar’s island), in his honour.
When these facts occurred, the more famous Ingólfur Arnarson had not yet shored on the Southern coast, therefore- to tell the truth, Garðar should be considered the actual founder of the first settlement in Iceland.
For this reason, the inhabitants of Húsavík celebrated in 1970 the anniversary of the 1100 years since the first settlement on the island, 4 years before the official celebrations to remember the deeds of Ingólfur.

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