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In everybody’s mind, Iceland is considered a far away land, sometimes it is ven considered as an inaccessible place. It has actually never been so closed!

Only 3 hours and a half separate Europe /Italy from this island, that offers an incredible variety of landscapes that can make your trip into the uncontaminated nature unforgettable.

Since the recent economical crisis, Iceland has opened its doors to the responsible tourism that respects its beauty, and it also offers convenient prices. The web site wishes to be a guide by offering useful details and guidelines to plan your trip or satisfy your curiosity about this enchanting island.
Here you will find:

  • Places of great Interest: detailed descriptions of the main nature attractions (Geysers, cascades, lakes, mid-oceanic ridge, volcano, glaciers, islands, ice lagoon, fiords, canyons, lavic and geothermal fields, beaches), the most famous cities (Reykjavik, Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Vik and many other), museums, places with archaeological and historical importance;
  • History, Culture, Society, Economy: detailed information on the History of the country and on the main historical characters, on the Icelandic people and its habits, on literature, on saga and legends, on the music; on events, on the economical situation, on 2008 financial crisis, on the great energy potential;
  • Environment: news on weather, morphology, fauna and flora of Iceland, parks and Nature reserves, the danger that menaces the environment, correct behaviours to live a holiday in full harmony and respect of the Nature
  • Links: hints on how to reach Iceland- air and boat connections; how to rent a car or use your own vehicle; hints on bus lines, bike routes, internal flight connections; boat connections to minor islands; rule of the road; gas stations; links and useful phone numbers to get info on the weather report, on breakdown service, reservations
  • Accommodations: general information, contact details and useful links to organize your stay in hotels, guest houses, farm holidays, camping, cottages, both during winter and summer time.
  • Food: information on food habits of the Icelanders, on typical dishes, on the best and most typical restaurants
  • Sports and trips: all the activities you may do at the open air, to enjoy nature, both in summertime and wintertime- information on trips to glaciers, falls, geysers; whale watching; walks on the mountains and speleological visits to lavic or ice caves; fishing on the iced rivers and horse riding; extreme sports and relax in the different thermal sources and spa; links and information to get in contact with the main travel agencies of Iceland;
  • Iceland in winter: what to do, where to go for an unforgettable winter stay (aurora borealis, ice falls)

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