Iceland – standing among lava and ice

Posted on May 2, 2010 by

Do you want a vacation dedicated to freedom? Visit Iceland by camper van or even better by four wheel car. (4×4) .

It’s not difficult to transport your own car to the island by ferryboat, and you’ll be able to move freely and with everything you need always at your disposal. For this kind of trip, you of course need to get good road maps, a very detailed one, that reports also the oil pimps and drug stores. Moreover you should define in advance the tour you want to do.
Considering that you do not have fixed time schedules, you may quietly enjoy the surroundings, the breathtaking landscapes, and stopping as long as you want or passing by if something does not attract you.
There’s only one recommendation you should follow: always respect the highway code and check daily the weather forecast!

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