Iceland besieged by the multinational companies: the economical crisis is menacing the environment too!

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The current economical crisis that Iceland is living, besides the social consequences, might even bring to important consequences to the environment.
With their back to the wall because of the financial crash, many deputies look for shelter in the promises of the foreign companies, and they push to have the permissions to exploit the huge energy resources granted to these companies.

There’s still the American ALCOA, along with the RIO TINTO, that keep Iceland in check, taking advantage of the very difficult economical situation that the country is living. The project is the building of two new aluminium foundries, besides the three already working on the island- that by the way, are the biggest of Europe. The new plants should be completed within three years and, according to the societies involved, they should bring resources and work to the Country.

The conditional tense is mandatory, because it is not history yet the recent building of an aluminium plant in Reyðarfjörður, that again ALCOA strongly wanted, and all what happened because of that. Although there was an international movement against the destruction of a land completely uncontaminated, that because of this characteristics had to become a Protected Nature Reserve, the greed took over and the project was completed, with the contribution of the Italian Company IMPREGILO.

The results: one of the last uncontaminated areas of the Earth got irremediably destroyed, the area around Reyðarfjörður got polluted by jettisons and scums (whose entity is not defined yet), a huge revenue for ALCOA and IMPREGILO, no advantage for Iceland, not even in terms of employments- indeed, to save on the costs of man work, most of the workers are foreigners!

Although all this, there are still people ready to sell off their land, one of the most beautiful territories in the whole world, and to allow the temptation of easy money to destroy everything.
To make two foundries work, new geothermal stations and dams to produce waterpower should be also built. The environment impact of all this would be tremendous!

We must hope that the good sense wins over money, that the disagreement of many Icelanders to this project manages to influence the decision, that the independent spirit of this land does not give lead to the Foreign force again

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