Iceland bike tour 2011

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gabriele-saluci-tripI wanted to undertake a long trip in tune with the Nature, using a fast and ecological means of transport that would not disturb my thoughts too much during the journey. Moreover, once the trip would have been over, I would have liked to feel the satisfaction of having performed an extraordinary achievement….. which other means could have been more appropriate than a bike?

Then, I had to pick the destination: the list went from Cape North to Morocco, from America to Asia, and although every single country attracted me, day after day my interest grew towards a special one: Iceland.  On this island there’s such a concentration of nature that is almost impossible to find the same elsewhere. My longing for travelling would have found some rest for a few days on my return.

In Iceland the “concentration” of Nature is so high that it is hard to find the same elsewhere: with this country,  my willingness of travel would been satisfied for a few days after my return!

There are only 200.000 people living on a land that is only 1/3 of Italy (3 inhabitants/ sq. mt. vs. over 200/sq mt of Italy), and they’re all concentrated in a few limited areas. Geysers work in full steam, and there are volcano behind every hill; there are lakes with such incredible colours that they seem unreal as if created by Photoshop.

If I tell you that my name is Gabriele Saluci, this won’t for sure recall anything to you; but if instead I tell you that I’m the one that will go to Iceland by bike, you’ll understand the kind of person I’m….

I’m twenty years old and I study Engineering. I strongly believe that travelling is a synonym for life. When you travel, you return to your origins, allowing to your being to come out: there are people that go to the Maldives, those that go to a chalet on the mountains, and those that stay on a beach nearby home.. well, I go to Iceland by bike!

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