Iceland, Norway and Japan share a despicable activity: whale hunting!

Posted on August 26, 2009 by

Although the international prohibition of fishing and dealing of whale meat, some Countries keep ignoring any call in favour of the safeguard of these cetaceans that run the actual risk of extinction.
Japan, that has always used a lot of whale meat, goes around the prohibition using as excuses aims of research; Norway does not hide that it infringes the international ban, and in 2006- after 20 years of suspension, Iceland, more for the taste of violation than for real food and economic needs, has started again to hunt for commercial reasons. Indeed it is much more profitable the harmless whale watching, i.e. the observation of the cetaceans during trips to the open sea, even because the Icelanders have not the habit of eating whale meat any longer!
Every year the three mentioned countries kill about 2000 whales!
The fact that this species is protected does not seem to bother Japan, that in 2008 made a commercial agreement with Iceland and Norway for the sale of this peculiar good.

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