Iceland: the door to the centre of the Earth

Posted on August 22, 2009 by

Because of its intense volcanic activity and the continuous changes of the territory, Iceland has always attracted scientists, writers and directors, so much so that Jules Verne had his Journey to the centre of the Earth start from Iceland!

And it is this masterpiece that delighted so many young people, that will be back to the cinema theatres with a new interpretation of the director Eric Brevig, that he’s making his debut with this movie. The movie is settled in our days, and the main character is the scientist Trevor Anderson (the actor Brendan Fraser), along with his nephew Sean (played by Josh Hutcherson) and the young local guide Hanna (played the actress Anita Briem). The three explorers are entrapped in an Icelandic cave and must get out to enter in an underground kingdom full of risks , but also of wonders. After many adventures among dinosaurs and carnivorous plants, they manage to find an exit in the southern hemisphere.
The movie grants strong emotions and deep involvement of the audience, even because for the first time a 3D set has been experimented in a live action film.

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