Iceland: the economical crisis becomes the crisis of a whole people

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A few months went by since the break down of the Icelandic economy- this is not a big news any longer and therefore the media moved their attention to other topics. But the economical problems remain unsolved and common people pay the highest price.

The country that seemed to be on the top for wealth, promising go getter of the Western World, aiming to conquer the foreign markets, between one day and another it has nothing in its hands and choices made by a few, weigh today on the shoulders of many people.

People that can afford it run to Europe, all the others increase the queues in front of the unemployment offices hoping to get something that may allow them to pay the debts and somehow face the instalments of loans that enormously increased.

For sure, everybody enjoyed the crazy rush to wealth, but not everybody knew that this wealth had sand bases, and the bankers of course did not tell such a thing!

After the first period of astonishment, there are now quite a few reactions: there are people protesting against the control authorities; people that take it philosophically (or is it foolhardiness?!) and wait for improvement, trying to be positive; people overloaded by debts that can’t find a better solution than committing suicide; people that roll up their sleeves and face the difficult situation making up new activities. The people actually responsible for this situation of course do shilly- shally.

The government, that has always been by the side of the financial agencies, is not willing to give up; the bankers, strong thanks to the government back up, try to save their banks from the detriment of the customers.

The sadness increases when people that try to write and publish articles to denounce this situation quickly loose their jobs and joins the long list of unemployed people.

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    thank you so much for your positive comments and for sharing opinion. we are from Italy, and experience the same things in our country as per dicusssion on economy, politics, thinking… hard to attract people to useful and true things….
    would love to stay in contact with you. please write us again

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