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Fire and ice: the terrific beauty of Iceland

Posted on April 19, 2010 by

After a few minor signs of activity at the end of March, on April 14th 2010, early in the morning, the volcano Katla waked up again. It’s located beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, in the South West of Iceland: it interrupted its long sleep – that dated back to 1823, and started erupting making Northern Europe […]


The Alþing, the Icelandic Parliament

Posted on February 4, 2010 by

The Alþing (National Assembly) was born at the beginning of X century with legislative and judicial tasks. Þorsteinn Ingólfsson, son of Ingólfur, called the first assembly in the area of Reykjavik. Afterwards, the Icelanders looked for a more appropriate place and found it in the Bláskógar plane, since then called Þingvellir, i.e. the Assembly’s plane. […]


The economical crisis excites the Icelanders’ spirit of adaptability

Posted on August 24, 2009 by

In Iceland there’s a new game, on sale in the shops since last Christmas: Recesssion, the crisis game. It’s a family game that uses the traditional schemes of Monopoli, but reverses the situation and teaches to survive to bankruptcies, foreclosures and market crisis. Following the real situation of Icelandic economic, the goal of the game […]


Economical Crisis in Iceland: which future may be expected?

Posted on August 7, 2009 by

While the acute phase of the economical crisis in Iceland is slowly decreasing, there’s already who tries to foresee what may come next. According to a few experts, the inflation rate may still go up, but the Icelandic krona should remain stable thanks to the loans of the IMF and of Foreign countries. Although the […]


The economical crisis in Iceland: the anger of the Icelanders

Posted on August 1, 2009 by

Among the Icelanders it’s increasing the anger caused by the economical crisis. From a status of welfare, they’ve been literally thrown into a deep crisis and when it happened they didn’t wait to show their reactions. Since last October 2008, there have been protests one after the other in Reykjavik. The people gathered in front […]


Batman in Iceland

Posted on July 3, 2009 by

In 2005 the movie “Batman Begins” by C. Noaln was launched world wide. The production of the movie chose Iceland to reproduce the Buthan environment, i.e. the place where the main character of the movie receives his initial training. Particularly the scenes have been shot in the South- East of the island, on the Vatnajökull […]


Iceland besieged by the multinational companies: the economical crisis is menacing the environment too!

Posted on June 10, 2009 by

The current economical crisis that Iceland is living, besides the social consequences, might even bring to important consequences to the environment. With their back to the wall because of the financial crash, many deputies look for shelter in the promises of the foreign companies, and they push to have the permissions to exploit the huge […]


Emergency in Iceland

Posted on May 10, 2009 by

Iceland has always had a low unemployment rate, but its economy is weak, mainly based on the financial system and tightly linked to the international movements. The global economical crisis of the financial field that has been going on worldwide since last Fall has deeply affected the economy of the island, that is now quickly […]


Mrs. Sigurdottir beats all opponents and wins the elections in Iceland

Posted on April 29, 2009 by

On April 25th there was the early election of the Government in Iceland. The Coalition of Haarde, accused of being responsible of the deep economical crisis that the country is experiencing, handed over to the interim Government leaded by Jhoanna Sigurdottir, composed by the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party. At the end of […]


Johanna Sigurdardottir, the new Premier of Iceland

Posted on April 24, 2009 by

Johanna Sigurdardottir, previous hostess, Minister of Social Affairs of the outgoing Government, member of the Social Democratic Party, has been appointed Premier of the transition Government. She has also obtained the approval of the Green and of the Progress Parties, that is sustaining the Government. At 66, Mrs. Sigurdardottir is currently the most popular politician […]