Main bus services

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an icelandic bus

an icelandic bus

There are many companies that manage bus lines in Iceland:

  • the Austurleið – Kynnisferðir ( ) that covers the trips in the Southern and Eastern regions;
  • Flybus ( ) manages the lines between Reykjavík and the Keflavík international airport;
  • SBK Travel ( ) connects all the villages on the Reykjanes peninsula;
  • Stjörnubílar ( ) offers trips in the region of the Western Fiords;
  • Trex – Hópferðamiðstöðin ( ) has trips in the Western and Northern regions.

All the bus companies of Iceland are associated to the BSÍ ( ), that has its headquarter at the bus station of Reykjavík, in Vatnsmýrarvegur.

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