Mrs. Sigurdottir beats all opponents and wins the elections in Iceland

Posted on April 29, 2009 by

On April 25th there was the early election of the Government in Iceland.
The Coalition of Haarde, accused of being responsible of the deep economical crisis that the country is experiencing, handed over to the interim Government leaded by Jhoanna Sigurdottir, composed by the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party.
At the end of the counting of votes, Mrs. Sigurdottir has been confirmed as Prime Minister of Iceland. The coalition composed by the Social Democratics and the Green/ Left Party obtained 34 out of 63 seats in the Parliament and won over the Conservative party, that had been governing the country for 18 years.
Mrs. Sigurdottir is a woman with a high political depth, that in January made everybody discuss because she’s the first woman becoming Premier in Iceland and the first Gay premier of the world. She’s already thinking about entering the European Community– may be through a referendum– and a regulated increase of taxes– these indeed seem to be the only paths to follow to come out of the heavy economical crisis that is afflicting the country.

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