Reykjanes: the youngest Icelandic peninsula

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The Reykjanes peninsula lies on the South West of Iceland. It’s geologically very young. It stands on the mid- Atlantic Ridge, the fracture that goes from north to south beneath the Ocean, dividing the American plate from the European one. Right on this spot, the Ridge starts coming out of the Ocean and becomes then well visible by Þingvellir.

The peninsula has different kind of views that have been moulded by the endogenous forces: the high coasts in the south, designed by the reefs where the waves violently break; the quite and sandy coasts on the North; the lavic esplanade; the volcanic craters.

There are many warm springs, that sometimes form thermal lakes, as the famous Blue Lagoon: the lava is sometimes so porous that it does not allow the rivers to flow on the surface. Everywhere Palagonite, basalt and rhyolite are the most common rocks.

The volcanic phenomenon are very frequent.

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