Tastes of Iceland: fish dishes

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Both saltwater and freshwater fish is fundamental in the Icelandic diet. They can enjoy different kind of fish, but of course the most appreciated is the swordfish, whose meat is usually eaten with a glass of liquor.

Here the list of the most usual fish you may find in Iceland:

Þorskur: codfish; it’s worthwhile knowing that in the old times, the Icelanders used to eat only the tongue and the cheeks of this fish, and exported all the rest of the meat;

Ýsa: haddock;

Harðfiskur: strings of haddock dried at the open air; served with butter, as an entry;

Bleikja: arctic char;

Skötuselur: angler fish

Lúða: halibut;

Steinbítur: catfish;

Sandhverfa: rhombus;

Sild: herring;

Skarkoli: plaice;

Skata: skate;

Silungur: trout;

Lax: wild or rearing salmon

Leturhumar: prawns

Hákarl: Greenland putrefied Swordfish

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