Tastes of Iceland: traditional meat dishes

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Among the different kind of meats, the most favourite of the Icelandic people is for sure the sheep, with whom they prepare specialties that sometimes foreigners don’t enjoy so much:

  • Hangikjöt: smoked lamb meat, thinly sliced
  • Svið: Sheep head, cut in two halves, roasted on fire, then boiled and eaten or pickled
  • Sviðasulta: sheep head jelly, made pressing pieces of Svið then stored in whey
  • Slátur: sheep entrails, sacked and boiled
  • Blóðmör: blood pudding, made of sheep blood and lard, sacked into the diaphragm of the sheep
  • Súrsaðir hrútspungar: balls of mutton testicles, stored in whey

Also meat of horse, cow, and wild deer are eaten, while there’s no pig in Iceland

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