Tastes of Iceland: typical drinks

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All the Icelandic drinks have one goal: they must transmit heat. For this reason, drinks are usually served very hot or have a high alcoholic content.

  • Kaffi: a very long coffee
  • Solarkaffi: Cumin flavoured coffee; it’s usually drank at dawn during springtime, to celebrate the return of light.
  • Egils Malt Extrakt: drink similar to dark beer, it’s sweet and can be classified as a soft drink
  • Jólaöl: it is a Christmas distillate; it is made by mixing orange juice and mal extract.
  • Brennívin: the literal translation is “burning wine”; it is a potato distillate flavoured with cumin; it is considered the national liquor of Iceland, and it is also well known as svarti dauði- i.e the black death!
  • Topas: it’s a liquor made out of herbs and liquorice;
  • Beers: the Icelandic beers are light; the most common are Egils, Thule and Viking

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