The Blue Lagoon of the North

Posted on November 24, 2009 by

A few kilometres away from Reykjavik there’s the Blue Lagoon of the North; it is a natural pool fed by warm springs that gushes out of a source standing 2500 mt beneath the ground. As in the famous Blue Lagoon in the South of Iceland, the colour of the water is caused by the Cyanobacteria alga, that helps making the skin smoother softer, as it clears it from impurities,.
The Lagoon is surrounded

by rocks and gardens; there are four springs- all well pointed out as the water gushes out at 100°C, and it may be dangerous to stay to close. The temperature of the water in the pool varies according to the distance from the source and also because of the currents, but the average is 38°C. As there’s a high concentration of sulphur, it’ recommended to take out silver or copper jewellery before bathing.
There’s a very relaxing atmosphere here, it’s almost unreal, as everybody moves around quietly in the steam and in the light blue light

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