The economical crisis excites the Icelanders’ spirit of adaptability

Posted on August 24, 2009 by

In Iceland there’s a new game, on sale in the shops since last Christmas: Recesssion, the crisis game.
It’s a family game that uses the traditional schemes of Monopoli, but reverses the situation and teaches to survive to bankruptcies, foreclosures and market crisis. Following the real situation of Icelandic economic, the goal of the game is not that of getting rich, but instead that of trying not to loose everything you own.
A few end-users were involved while preparing the game: via email, the users proposed the questions to insert in the box and suggested the critical situations to match to the retrocession on the board. Throwing the dices, the players will advance among many dangers to start an economical restarting. For some extreme situations, the game even foresees a protest in front of the Prlaiment!
This game was invented by a manager of Reykjavik that lost his job because of the bankruptcy of his company; the box is distributed by the local Gogogic and it’s for the time being available in Icelandic only, but it may soon be available in other languages too.
Once again the Icelanders make a virtue of necessity, and the inhabtants try to get advantage of a situation of actual difficulty that is reflected also in the costs: Recession is sold at very reasonable price!

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