The equipment

Posted on September 2, 2011 by

Even if the bike will be my companion during such a long trip, I did not spend too much to buy it: if I’d spent too much I would not have had enough funds for the trip itself, therefore I preferred to buy cheaper but still good products.
I’m not a biker, I’ll not pay attention to the technique of my endeavour; I’ll use the bike simply because I love quietness and “body movement”.
I’ve made a carrier on the back, on whom I hooked three bags for a total volume of 60litres (they’re not many, if you consider that I’ve to carry both summer and “hell” clothes, the changes /RICAMBI, camping equipment and the needed food to overcome the complete isolation). The bike has road tires, but I’ll carry also studded ones, that I’ll use on the island.
As for the navigation, I’ll not have a Gps with me nor any other electronic instrument, only a Freytag & Berndt map of Iceland –scale 1: 400.000, the most detailed map of the island. As for the road to Berlin, I’ll ask for indications on the way.
I’ll use the Lonely Planet traveller’s guides and before leaving, along with the team of / we’ll evaluate the most important spots so that I won’t miss the main attractions and will make the utmost out of the trip.

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