The Hengifoss Waterfall jump

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The Hengifoss is one of the highest and most peculiar waterfalls of the Island: it is more than 120mt high and it is enclosed in the wonderful gorge by Hallomormsstaður, in the Eastern part of Iceland.

The rocky wall from where it falls, is made of basalt in the upper part, while at the bottom the polished stone is interrupted by fossil layers. These give to Hengifoss the peculiar feature of horizontal red stripes and they witness the presence of a much warmer climate back in the Tertiary Era.

The waterfall is easy to reach, you may without difficulty walk there from the main road: it will give you an absolutely breathtaking view!

hengifoss waterfall

hengifoss waterfall ph by Giulia A.

Hengifoss Waterfall jump

Hengifoss Waterfall jump ph by Giulia A.

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