The Icelandic culture for the thermal pools

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Swimming pools are very popular in Iceland, you can find them even in the smallest villages, because they’re considered as a sort of pub, where you go at the end of the working day. You meet there, chat, tell about your day and relax before going home for dinner.

The thermal centres simply use the huge amount of geothermal springs of the island. They usually have a big external pool of tepid water where there are often some swimming lanes, a smaller pool for children, and some other pools where the temperature of water goes from 38° to 40°C, where there’s the hydromassage.

In all the pools of Iceland, it’s important to respect and follow the ritual that occurs before the entrance. Shoes must be left on the shelves in the hall; in the changing rooms, a big sign explains with words and drawings that it is mandatory to carefully clean your body in the shower before entering the pools. Also the hair must be washed with shampoo. This is done to grant clean water in the common pools and to avoid any kind of contaminations.

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