The itinerary_Iceland by bike, part 2

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According to the planning, the trip was going to be quite interesting: visit Iceland by bike was a big challenge, however leaving and run trough different countries before arriving, would have given me the chance to know Iceland better. It would have been useful to have the opportunity to really understand the differences among the countries I would have gone through and could have compared them. 

So I booked the flight to Iceland from Berlin- so I could have travelled through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. And for the return, I booked the flight Reykiavik- Frankfurt so to travel through Germany, France and then arrive to my home country again.

The whole trip will be on board of a bike. I have not planned the stages of the journey, as I want to be free to move and stop as I like: I will never sleep in a shelter or a hotel, I’ll cook using a camping stove, in a few words I’ll be completely free! The only contacts I’ll have with civilization will be during the supply of food along the way and in the few villages I’ll go by.

The itinerary will for sure change and be adapted to the mood of the moment and the accidents that may occur, but anyway the draft plan is the following:

  • The departure from Turin, Italy, is foreseen on 15th Aug 2011; I’ll direct my bike towards the Alps and Switzerland, then I’ll direct to Austria, Munich and again Northward towards Berlin, from where I’ll catch the flight to Iceland.
  • I’ll start the trip on the island from Keflavik, from where I’ll go Eastward, on the Ring Road anticlockwise. The first challenge will be to enter the Natural Park of Hekla (Stong and Landmannalaugar). I’ll then go down the Road #1 passing by Posmork and Seljalandsfoss. I’ll continue on Road # 1 and I’ll pass by Skogafoss and Dyrholalaey; I’ll then bike among the mountainside of the Vatnajokull. After the icebergs of the Jokulsarlon, I’ll go all the way down to Myvatn, Dettifoss and Husavik, in the North of the country. Godafoss, Akureyri and afterwards I’ll bike all alone on the F35, the rough road that crosses the island from one corner to the other. The Golden Ring and Reykjavik will be the final important steps of the long trip in Iceland. 
  • The trip will not finish at the end of the adventure on the island, as from Frankfurt I’ll go back to Italy biking through France.

My estimation is to run about 4.000km.

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