The Westman islands

Posted on March 8, 2009 by

Over Hvolsvöllur, on the highway # 1, you can see out to sea the shape of the Vestmannaeyjar- “the Westman islands”. The archipelago is composed by 15 main islands and some minor ones, some stacks and some rocks raised out of the water after a submarine volcanic eruption.

There are wall sheers dropping from the top to the sea, a rich vegetation and a big colony of sea birds, including the puffins. The deep blue Ocean that surrounds the island makes a wonderful view of it.

You can reach these islands from Þorlákhöfn, the peninsula of Reykjanes, or by air from Bakki or from Reykjavík.

The legend tells that of Ingólfur Arnarson’s step- brother was killed by some of his servants that afterwards took shelter on these islands; Ingólfur chased after them and killed them all. Since then, these islands have been associated to this event and called Vestmenn, i.e. man from the West.

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